Banish that Shadow: Make Old Content New Again

Repurposing content should be part of your overall content strategy: we tell you how to make your content work harder without (gasp!) boring your audience


There’s a catch-22 facing content marketers: no one expects you to come up with original content every day, of course, but they also don’t want to see more of the same. To avoid having your audience feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, check out these four tips for making your repurposed content view as fresh as the day it was made.



Leverage data

You’re likely gauging your content’s performance through some combination of Google Analytics, social media statistics, and other insights tools, so why not put that data to work? See what older articles, videos, or whatever you’re producing performed the best over your last quarter, and bring them back into the spotlight with updated promotion.


Switch format

After you’ve taken a look at what did great, consider going beyond secondary promotion and repurpose your content laterally: turn a stats-heavy article into an infographic, or a short video interview into a longer podcast interview. You might already have a lot of the raw materials you need, like in the latter example, the unedited video from which you could extract an audio file.


Get timely with it

Make sure your content management system has robust tagging: it could be just the thing to find an older content piece made timely again by something happening in the news. Don’t assume that you’ll just remember! People switch departments and jobs all the time.



While you’re looking at your top performers, check out your content in the “second-tier,” too. If something didn’t perform as well as you thought it could, sometimes updating the photography, outdated terminology, or adding newly-relevant keywords in your SEO will entice a whole new audience.


Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!

Groundhog image by Halina Brookson of MediaFace.

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