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Account Director

We want to thank everyone who took the time to apply to our new Account Director position. We’ve had a lot of interest in the role, and that’s why we’re closing the posting early. We’re looking forward to adding the new Account Director to our team. Account Director – New Role MediaFace is a boutique […]

Marketing Communications Lead

This position has been filled. Thank you for your interest. Summary MediaFace is seeking a solutions-oriented, creative person to join our team as the Marketing Communications Lead. You’ll be supporting a busy group of content marketing and consulting professionals on a full-time basis. The ideal candidate has a collaborative and can-do mindset and is excited […]

Rapid Digital Adoption Means Business Opportunities

Eight weeks. Eight weeks is all it took to propel consumer and business digital adoption five years into the future. From first-time Zoom-users moving to leading their own online meetings to entire conferences held within the digisphere, COVID-19 precipitated a rapid adoption of digital technologies that all sectors – including ones like education, commerce, and […]

So You’re Working from Home

While some businesses are tentatively going back to work, others are staying home, or even moving to permanent work-from-home first models. If you’re in the latter camp and still carrying on your career in soft pants, here are some things our team’s found to be helpful in our sudden change of scenery. Honesty, to the […]

Transform to Thrive: Digital in a Customer-centric World with Katherine Gyles

At the heart of transformed companies is the power to act faster and better than before. Lisa had Parkbridge Executive VP Katherine Gyles on our LinkedIn Live show to talk about having a solid strategy before embarking on a transformation. If you missed it, you can catch the replay of the show and read some […]

Killing Your Darlings

Why the scary-sounding practice of “murdering your words” makes for clearer, better, more on-message content   Let’s paint a picture for you. Three of our team members were cooped up in our podcasting studio, working on an introduction for a client podcast. The producer had selected two opening quotations from the guest, and everyone was […]

Transform to Thrive: The Power of Video with Sarah Senior

MediaFace was founded on video production, so it comes without surprise that we have a lot of opinions about how to make it. Who better to share those opinions than our CEO and Founder, Lisa Bragg, and our Lead Producer, Sarah Senior? The pair discussed and demystified video production on LinkedIn live, the recording of […]

Three Stories from the Agency Trenches

If you’ve been in business for more than a year, it’s likely that you’ve hired – or at least considered hiring – a marketing agency. Working with an external agency is a good move: especially if the project or campaign meets certain criteria, like having well-established brand guidelines or if funding comes up out of nowhere (for […]

Transform to Thrive: Positive Change through CSR with Catherine Brown

How can CSR focus your company and motivate your team? Lisa had Aviva Canada’s VP of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility Catherine Brown on our LinkedIn Live show Transform to Thrive to answer just that. Catch up on the show’s recording and see some of the key takeaways from their discussion below.   It’s More […]

Is Content Marketing Unsustainable?

Content guru Mark Schaefer once posited that we were heading for a content shock: that the volume of created content is much higher than the available human hours needed to consume it. The implication is that to attract people to content, creators will have to spend larger and larger sums of money to win their […]

Pre-Interview Before Your Next Podcast or Live Stream to Knock it Out of the Park

Next to professional recording equipment and a set or sound studio, pre-interviewing is the most important ingredient in creating a successful podcast episode or livestream.  MediaFace CEO Lisa Bragg compares pre-interviewing to her journalism days. “Pre-calls let you see if your person is qualified, authentic, and prepared to be recorded,” she says. “It saves tons […]

Transform to Thrive: Thought Leadership Gets Personal with Laura Reinholz

There’s a select few who thrive in the spotlight; but for most, it’s terrifying. In our last Transform to Thrive, Lisa spoke with BMO for Women’s Director Laura Reinholz on rejecting that fear and putting yourself out there as a thought leader. Here are some of the pearls of wisdom that came from their discussion.  […]

Transform to Thrive: Our 2019 Year in Review with Silvana Aceto

Our intrepid LinkedIn Live host Lisa Bragg teamed up with MediaFace’s Marketing Communications Manager Silvana Aceto to discuss what went down in 2019, and what’s up next for 2020. Rewatch the recorded livestream here, and read on to see some highlights of their chat.   Get Ready to Get Personal in 2020 Silvana identifies that […]

Last minute holiday scramble? Download and print our gift wrap

We knew we wouldn’t be able to top last year’s gorgeous, AR-enabled card, but our MediaFace holiday elves did our darndest. Identifying that a print card could be wasteful, we opted for a design that could be reused by the recipient. A folded broadsheet of recycled paper with a repeating pattern on the inside meant that […]

Transform to Thrive: Business Growth and New Markets with the Honourable Mary Ng

Canada’s Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade Mary Ng dropped in to our LinkedIn Live show with host Lisa Bragg to discuss breaking down barriers for Canadian small businesses – especially for women entrepreneurs – and into international markets. Watch their livestream here, and catch up on these three takeaways from their […]

Three Things You’ll Learn at “Master Your Marketing Campaigns by Knowing Your Audience”

Is your New Year’s resolution for 2020 to have knockout marketing campaigns? We can help you do it: MediaFace’s content marketing experts and strategists will be on hand Thursday, January 30, 2020 at our Toronto HQ to share our methodologies for marketing success in a two-hour, hands-on workshop.  But what are those, exactly? For a […]

Storytelling is the Future of Marketing

Some historians point to the Middle Ages as when the advent of the term “marketing” took place. At that time, the meaning was very literal: bringing one’s wares to the common marketplace, for the purposes of selling or trading them. That core definition remains largely unchanged. However, as selling processes grew more complex and “markets” […]

Transform to Thrive: Taking the Leap with Success Coach Hina Khan

Did you know it was #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay on November 19? It was the perfect opportunity to have therapist, success coach, and entrepreneur Hina Khan on our LinkedIn Live show Transform to Thrive. Hina and host Lisa Bragg discussed everything from starting a business to what changes as it matures, as well as what being an entrepreneur […]

Why You Shouldn’t Think Tactics until You have the Right Strategy

It’s a common pitfall in content marketing: starting with tactics before having a solid strategy. Everyone has been guilty of jumping onto the next content marketing trend without considering its purpose and place within your overall marketing plan. As we’ve said before, your content strategy is like a road map (plan) that tells you your […]

Five Questions to Ask Your Fractional Marketer

A fractional marketer can jumpstart your next content marketing campaign, invigorate your team, and bring a new perspective to your entire content program. But, bringing someone in at a level where they’re more intimate with your business can be uncomfortable. To mitigate risk and ensure a good fit, here are five key questions to ask […]

Infographic: How a Fractional Marketer Saves You Money

A lot of people may balk at the cost of a fractional marketer – $45,000 is nothing to shake a stick at. However, when comparing to the cost of a full-time VP of Marketing, there’s big savings to be had by going fractional.   Figures from: Canada Human Resources Centre. “Calculating Cost Per Hire.” Payscale. […]

Outsourcing cheat sheet for big businesses

Even the biggest, multinational marketing department needs help, but with what activities, and when?   With the proliferation of DIY content marketing tools and tutorials, it’s tempting to bring everything in house – especially in big businesses like banks that have more staff and resources. However, with that rapid increase in content making ability, there’s also […]

Transform to Thrive: AI vs. Legacy Business with James Kosa, WeirFoulds LLP

When Transform to Thrive host (and our CEO) Lisa Bragg met to talk with WeirFoulds LLP Partner James Kosa about artificial intelligence on LinkedIn Live, there was little of the fearmongering but a lot of great discussion on introducing bias, proprietary data, and the future of employment. Catch some highlights of their talk below, and […]

How Technology-assisted Marketing Can Mobilize Your Efforts

Customization, Gen Z, and all the marketing technology apps you could hope to want. Marketing technology, or MarTech, has exploded in recent years, growing from 150 solutions in 2011 to over 7,000 in 2019 according to (and, by their own admission, they know they’re missing many in that count). An image of Chief MarTec’s […]

A trusted guide to hiring content marketing strategists

Increase your capacity and plan your way to stellar content with three tips for hiring externally An external content marketing strategist can give your company a critical fresh perspective when launching a big initiative or surmounting a major hurdle. But knowing you’ve found the right strategist for your project can be tough. These tips will […]

Transform to Thrive: Talking Trust with Teresa Di Felice, CAA

In our inaugural episode of LinkedIn Live show Transform to Thrive, our host and CEO Lisa Bragg discussed trust with CAA’s Teresa Di Felice, AVP of Government and Community Relations. Their chat ranged from trust as more than a marketing trend to employee engagement – here are three highlights from the talk below. You can […]

How do you protect your trusted brand from online fraudsters?

Imagine: you do all of the careful relationship-building it takes to establish trust with your customers, only to have someone impersonate your business and defraud them over the internet. Whether they’re overseas or right around the corner, online pirates can destroy your brand and reputation almost overnight, using the same channels you use to promote […]

Build Genuine Employee Engagement, the MediaFace Way

Lose the ping pong tables in favour of meaningful, multiple ways to engage your staff.   With reports that only 11 per cent of Canadian workers feel fully engaged at work, what can you do to increase employee engagement in your own office? We share some tips for what works for us below.   Treat […]

11 Key Features All Financial Advisor Websites Need

Our checklist has the 11 things financial advisors can do to capture more online leads Your website is likely the first “hello” a potential client gets from your financial advisory firm, so why not make sure that introduction is as memorable as possible? Your site might be missing these ten crucial things that visitors look […]

A Reading List on Trust (For these Untrustworthy Times) from Our CEO

Recently, I had the privilege to meet with fellow CEOs and marketing leaders and present on the topic of trust. Specifically, how trust is changing – rapidly – and how businesses need to get ahead of these major shifts and become trusted themselves. To help inform my talk “How to Win Customers in an Age of […]

Content Editor and Post-Production Lead (part-time)

This position has been filled. Thank you for your interest. MediaFace is an award-winning content marketing company and has been named one of the fastest growing Canadian companies by Growth 500. We show how brands create value for the world through storytelling, social channels and technology. We’re hiring immediately for a part-time content editor and […]

So You’ve Been Asked to Be a Panelist

Whether your next engagement is your first or fiftieth, make an impact with the audience and follow our four tips to panel-perfection You’re due to be a panelist, and, congratulations! An invitation equals a conference organizer who thinks you have something valuable to share with your industry. We’ve quizzed our CEO and rounded up our […]

Can We Talk? Why Brands Need to Be More Social

Establish your brand social media account as a must-follow with content made just for that channel The advent of social media for brands was huge: here was a vehicle to connect directly with audiences anywhere, no matter where they are. Social media channels became sites for research, conversation, and – for the savviest – conversion to […]

Five Things Our President Learned from a (Brief) Life at Sea

MediaFace President Jason Colbert shares his takeaways from participating in the Royal Canadian Navy’s Canadian Leaders at Sea (CLaS) program.   When a colleague from my CEO Global Network group invited me to join him on a naval adventure, I was a little nervous, but excited. Our CLaS experience in Halifax involved a tour of […]

Marketing Co-ordinator/Digital Product and Marketing Assistant

This position has been filled. Thank you for your interest. Summary MediaFace seeks a highly motivated youth aged 15 to 30 to join us for the summer in our Toronto studio, as part of the Canada Summer Jobs program. The Digital Product and Marketing Assistant will assist in internal and client marketing activities while developing […]

Lawyers: Make Podcasts Listeners Won’t Object To

Turn your Legal Skill Set into an Audience-Building Podcast With the Canadian Bar Association advocating for lawyers – especially young ones – to listen to podcasts to help advance their careers, it’s a perfect time for your firm to launch its own podcast. The medium has never been more popular, and in addition to up-and-coming legal […]

KonMari Your Content

Does your content spark joy, or is it time to let go of the things that are cluttering your editorial calendar? We have some spring-cleaning tips that’ll leave your content strategy unburdened by the old, and working for you in the months to come.   What’s the (content) life you want? Marie Kondo’s KonMari method […]

What are we reading?

Here at MediaFace, we’re all a bunch of bookworms. Here are the latest reads gracing our nightstands.   Lisa Bragg, CEO: Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun (O’Reilly) I’ve just read Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun. He truly has a “confessions” section which I found so refreshing and funny. He […]

Influencer Marketing: Trial by Fyre

Can influencers regain the trust that was once inherent to their marketing? It was a world-famous music festival for all the wrong reasons: the ill-fated Fyre Festival stranded hundreds of people on the Bahamas’ Great Exuma Island in April 2018, and became the subject and punchline of hundreds of news articles, think pieces, and memes […]

The New Loyalty: It’s Not (that) Complicated

The modern “marriage” between businesses and consumers – like modern marriage itself – is no longer a one-way street…but that doesn’t mean it’s gone.   Take a moment and imagine a stereotypical 1950s married couple: the husband returns home from his nine to five to be doted on by his wife, who’s made him a home-cooked […]

How Can I Help You? Running a Truly Client-Focused Business

Shake off client coddling in favour of generating genuine, successful business relationships Amazon’s Chairman and CEO Jeff Bezos famously leaves a chair empty at every meeting. Why? He’s reminding all of the staff present that the customer – and their best interest – is represented at their table. It’s a symbolic gesture of a bigger idea: […]

Banish that Shadow: Make Old Content New Again

Repurposing content should be part of your overall content strategy: we tell you how to make your content work harder without (gasp!) boring your audience   There’s a catch-22 facing content marketers: no one expects you to come up with original content every day, of course, but they also don’t want to see more of […]

Augmented Redux: What We Learned from Our AR Holiday Card

Check out the (award-winning!) results from the augmented reality holiday card we sent in 2018 As you might imagine, we’re over the moon that the AVA Digital Awards honoured us with a Platinum Award in the Augmented Reality category for our AR-enabled holiday card. For those who don’t know, our card featured an animation of […]

A New Dawn of Mann: Email Management Tips

Email management gets a late 10s remix with a new tool and tip, plus evergreen advice from productivity expert Merlin Mann. A common word associated with the modern email inbox is “avalanche” – and hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of emails mean reduced productivity, disorganization, and a whole lot of anxiety. It stands to reason that we’re all […]

MediaFace 2019 Staff Resolutions

Personal New Year’s resolutions can be tricky. There’s almost a built-in acknowledgement that, at some point, they’re going to drop off – SNL even produced a not-very-safe-for-work send-up of failing to maintain resolutions (featuring Toronto’s own Drake, no less). But work resolutions are different. We make them all the time in the course of our business: […]

Go Out-of-House for Maximum Impact

Resist the urge to DIY your next digital marketing initiative: save time and money by hiring the experts instead. There’s a struggle happening across marketing departments: a desire to do more in the digital space, but an unwillingness to spend money on it. In the Canadian Marketing Association’s 12th-annual Digital Pulse Report, 80 per cent […]

Augmented Cheer: Bringing a Holiday Card to Life

Set to overtake virtual reality, augmented reality (AR) is the latest, high-impact technology in your content marketing toolkit. If you’ve heard of Pokémon GO, you’ve heard of Augmented Reality, or AR. The market for AR products is expected to grow by over $130 billion US by 2021 – but how does catching imaginary animals in a [...]

When Trust Falls, Content Catches

Establishing trust with your audience through authentic, audience-driven content marketing is the key to long-lasting business relationships.   Consumer trust in your business is what makes you stand out from the pack. Customers increasingly make purchasing decisions based on knowing where and who their products and services come from. They want to connect with the brands [...]