Five Questions to Ask Your Fractional Marketer

A fractional marketer can jumpstart your next content marketing campaign, invigorate your team, and bring a new perspective to your entire content program. But, bringing someone in at a level where they’re more intimate with your business can be uncomfortable. To mitigate risk and ensure a good fit, here are five key questions to ask the consultant you’re hoping to bring on board as fractional marketing help.

(Note: if you don’t know what we mean by “fractional marketer”, head on down to our program’s page here, first.)


  1. I envision you coming on as a fractional [CMO, VP]. What does that title mean to you?

It helps to have a conversation about what your fractional marketer’s role is from the jump. With that comes an understanding about their responsibilities, as well as their relative agency to make decisions and deploy team members.


  1. What are three outcomes you’d like to see out of this engagement?

You’ll be working with your marketer a lot, so it’s important to make sure their vision and values are aligned with yours. You don’t need to be in complete agreement – you did hire them for a different perspective, after all – but there should be some overlap.


  1. What will you do if you see the project growing beyond scope?

This question gives you a sense of how your marketer will handle dreaded scope creep and manage your project budget on your behalf. See what their process is for notifying you of a problem, and for adjusting deliverables and schedules as needed.


  1. What happens if a member of the team challenges what you’re trying to do?

Depending on the level of involvement your fractional marketer will have with the rest of the team, there’s potential for disagreement during your engagement. A good fractional employee will be able to navigate conflict, get people of differing mindsets to work together, and use that as a springboard for a stronger project outcome.


  1. What kind of reporting can I expect from this relationship?

Because you’re handing the reins over to another person, you’re hopefully not going to be mired in the day-to-day. That said, you will want to know how the project washed out, so asking your fractional marketer how they’ll report to you is key in making sure you know all that you need.


Are you ready to put our fractional team to the test? Contact us to see how a fractional marketer can help you with your next project.

Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash.

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