Fractional Marketing

Fractional Marketing

What you have:

• Limited knowledge of what content initiatives are working, and why

• A huge project (say, launching a website?) with no time to manage it

• Junior marketing staff who need direction

• A lot of voices in the room, but no ownership

What you need:

Our Fractional program equips you with the chief resource you need to set a course on your marketing, whether they’re ongoing campaigns or a one-time project. That resource is the Fractional staff member, an external, trusted advisor you can rely on to support you.

MediaFace Fractional staff are highly skilled professionals with decades of experience. They become an integrated part of your management team without commanding the same draw on resources that a full-time hire would: there’s no executive salary, bonus, or benefits to pay.

The Fractional staff relationship can take many different forms: you might need a hands-on project manager that checks in with you multiple times per month, or you may want a quarterly report on your ongoing initiatives from someone who can set actionable recommendations on where to go next. We’ll work with you to set the parameters of the role – is it a CMO? A VP? A mentor? – and how we’d best fit in with what you already have.

Hire us to be your Fractional Marketer, a friendly face who asks the hard questions and helps you get things done.