MediaFace 2019 Staff Resolutions

Personal New Year’s resolutions can be tricky. There’s almost a built-in acknowledgement that, at some point, they’re going to drop off – SNL even produced a not-very-safe-for-work send-up of failing to maintain resolutions (featuring Toronto’s own Drake, no less).

But work resolutions are different. We make them all the time in the course of our business: we’re going to start using Slack, we’re going to switch from paper performance reviews to an online HR portal, we’re going to send analytics reports bi-weekly instead of monthly. Successful companies can thrive because of their resolutions to change or improve systems and practices that aren’t working well – or at all – and replace them with new ones.

My own resolutions for 2019 are guiding principles: intention, organize, action. As I think of ways to put these into practice at MediaFace this year, I asked around to see what my staff is planning to implement in their own workflows and content. Maybe you’ll get some ideas for your own office, too.

Jason Colbert – President

“My work resolution for 2019 is prioritization. Completing my three big rocks for the day – before I do anything else – is key for my success in helping the company and our clients. If I’m not tending to those three rocks then it slows down my momentum, and doesn’t allow me the time to expand and explore new opportunities.

What are my three big rocks, you ask? Outreach to current and new business relationships, making sure my projects are handed over tidily with follow up, and reviewing the financials of the company. Here’s looking to a bright and prioritized 2019!”

Sarah – Lead Producer

“I’m really interested in creating more AR content for the new year. We know the technology’s still in the early stages, but with it comes such exciting possibilities. I want to see how we can embrace it and use it for storytelling, boost engagement and use it in new and creative ways for our clients.”

Lauren – Marketing Communications Lead

“My work resolution for 2019 is automation. While I’m good at keeping organized and making sure that all of my to-dos have a home, I need to make that organization process faster. I use Trello, our team Slack, and Google’s Drive and Calendar, so this year I’m going to make those programs talk to each other more frequently so I’m not duplicating my efforts. Less time preparing to-do lists means more time for creativity.”

What are your resolutions – work or otherwise – for 2019? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


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