Three Things You’ll Learn at “Master Your Marketing Campaigns by Knowing Your Audience”

Is your New Year’s resolution for 2020 to have knockout marketing campaigns? We can help you do it: MediaFace’s content marketing experts and strategists will be on hand Thursday, January 30, 2020 at our Toronto HQ to share our methodologies for marketing success in a two-hour, hands-on workshop

But what are those, exactly? For a sneak-preview into our workshop “Master Your Marketing Campaigns by Knowing Your Audience,” take a look at three key takeaways you’ll get from attending.


How to Think Smaller When it Comes to Audience

We get the temptation of marketing to a wide swath of people, but in this workshop, we’ll urge the opposite. We show you how to hone in on niche audiences, ones who will really respond to the content you create just for them, and then scale your approach.


How to Walk the Audience Journey Loop

While some marketers talk about funnel abandonment, we take it to the next level and abandon the funnel altogether. Instead of the funnel, we use the audience journey loop: a holistic way of approaching a customer’s entire lifetime with your brand, products, and services. You will learn the stages of the audience loop and how to deliver effective content to each of those stages, with real-life examples from companies like yours.


How to Audit Your Existing Channels

It can be hard to “kill your darlings” – but cutting away the channels that don’t serve your message and audiences is necessary if you want to maximize your investment in marketing. It’s not all cutting, either – we’ll help you build new channels in their place, along neglected parts of your audience loop.

Ready to master your content marketing? Sign up by January 16 and save $100 with early-bird pricing.

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