Transform to Thrive: Digital in a Customer-centric World with Katherine Gyles

At the heart of transformed companies is the power to act faster and better than before. Lisa had Parkbridge Executive VP Katherine Gyles on our LinkedIn Live show to talk about having a solid strategy before embarking on a transformation. If you missed it, you can catch the replay of the show and read some of the key takeaways below.


It’s About the Customer Experience

Katherine tends to shy away from the words “digital transformation.” For her team, the journey is much more about turning up on the channels where their customers want them to be, so they can engage with their community and see each other in a digital space. But it’s also about accessing the information their customers need when they need it and having a “meaningful and helpful” experience with Parkbridge staff.


Moments that Matter

At MediaFace, we talk a lot about “moments that matter.” Lisa says they’re a big part of going through a transformational experience. Making sure you’re creating meaning during moments with your audience – whether it be with existing customers, potential clients, or current employees – is crucial.


Transforming Strategically

In Parkbridge’s case, many of their customers are retirees, and they don’t live on social media like other demographics do. That’s why Katherine says they haven’t rushed into the medium. Her approach includes introducing social media slowly to engage people – not doing it just for the sake of doing it. She is most concerned about protecting the privacy of residents, guests, and staff while also ensuring the online dialogue is as respectful as it would be in person. 

She stresses they want to help educate residents and potential community members about why Parkbridge communities are a great place to live. To the broader population, the aim is to show that Parkbridge fits on the housing spectrum between the rental market and owning property. 


Positioning as a Disruptor

Most Canadians have grown up thinking you have to own a home, but in today’s age, that isn’t always possible. That’s where disruptive thinking comes in. Lisa says that thinking has led to the recent trend of tiny houses and van living. For Katherine, being a disruptor in her industry is all about offering people an affordable housing option with a great sense of community and pride.


In sum, it all comes down to earning trust. Adds Lisa, “trust is the biggest foundational piece of any transformation.” 

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