Transform to Thrive: Our 2019 Year in Review with Silvana Aceto

Our intrepid LinkedIn Live host Lisa Bragg teamed up with MediaFace’s Marketing Communications Manager Silvana Aceto to discuss what went down in 2019, and what’s up next for 2020. Rewatch the recorded livestream here, and read on to see some highlights of their chat.


Get Ready to Get Personal in 2020

Silvana identifies that personal branding and thought leadership will be more important than ever in 2020. She says that giving your expertise away is a surefire way to establish a following; one that will see major returns as more and more people come to rely on your advice. Lisa adds that as video, podcasting, and livestreaming become ever more prominent in our content landscape, you need to be comfortable in front of a camera or behind a mic. If you’re not, getting some coaching is critical for leaders to tackle the year ahead.


An Anticipated Downturn Doesn’t Mean an End to Content

With markets expected to take a tumble in 2020, Silvana says it’s still so important to keep investing in content marketing and connecting with people. She adds that there’s ways to do it without breaking the bank: like opting for targeted digital tactics over more traditional, mass-market ones. Lisa mentions that MediaFace started right before the last recession, and putting money into content during recessionary times is effective, because they’ll help you show your difference in a slump, and help you thrive once it’s over.


Content Needs to be Strategic

Companies are increasing their in-house capacity for content creation more and more – many have their own copywriters, social media teams, videographers, you name it. Lisa says that even with someone like a videographer, you still need someone who can craft a strategic story – one that’s going to have a huge impact. Silvana adds that the strategy extends to examining the medium itself: maybe video might not be the right tactic for what you’re trying to achieve. Speaking of content strategy, MediaFace took on its own major content strategy in 2019, something that the pair are very proud of. Lisa says that MediaFace was “guilty of being the shoemakers’ children” for so long, so having a dedicated, focused strategy, and seeing results from it, is wonderful.


Also a highlight for 2019: the Transform to Thrive show! Guests have loved visiting the studio and sharing their expertise, and the topics have really resonated with our viewing audience. Plus, the team has a lot of fun putting it together. Coming up soon? BMO’s Laura Reinholz to discuss personal branding and thought leadership, AVIVA Insurance to talk about employee engagement and corporate social responsibility, and digital transformation with Parkbridge Communities. As always, stay tuned!

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