Transform to Thrive: Taking the Leap with Success Coach Hina Khan

Did you know it was #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay on November 19? It was the perfect opportunity to have therapist, success coach, and entrepreneur Hina Khan on our LinkedIn Live show Transform to Thrive. Hina and host Lisa Bragg discussed everything from starting a business to what changes as it matures, as well as what being an entrepreneur means for family life. If you missed this engaging discussion the first time around, catch the replay here


Be prepared to do it all (even if it makes you uncomfortable)

Hina and Lisa discussed what is often forgotten when you’re starting your own business: that you’re not just CEO but accountant, marketer, and many other roles in the company. You can love what you’re creating and be simultaneously swamped with business needs. The pair also brought up sales: that it was especially hard to get used to selling. Hina adds that it helped her frame selling as ultimately “doing something for somebody, not to somebody.”

But, recognize your limits and hire to cover them

When you have grown to the point that you can hire, Hina advises to “stay in your zone of genius.” Let other people do things they’re good at, just as you focus on the things you’re good at. Lisa adds that having a mature team means that she can focus on growing the business and trust that the team will handle the day-to-day stuff.

Growing means thinking differently

Lisa talked about how when she started MediaFace, it was a solopreneur enterprise. Growing was first motivated by client needs, but also required a shift in mindset from being her own boss to being a boss. As the company grows and changes, another mindset shift is on its way. Hina adds that regardless of the kind of growth you’re doing, you likely have to shed old methodologies – even ones that worked in the past.

“Having it all” doesn’t look the same for each person

Hina says: “Having it all is being present.” You might not get the same amount of time to be a parent and a business owner, but removing guilt means that you’re devoting yourself to whatever you’re doing fully. Lisa shares a pearl of wisdom: “Your kids will survive if you don’t bake them homemade chocolate chip cookies. It’s not work-life balance, it’s work-life flow.”


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