Transform to Thrive: Talking Trust with Teresa Di Felice, CAA

In our inaugural episode of LinkedIn Live show Transform to Thrive, our host and CEO Lisa Bragg discussed trust with CAA’s Teresa Di Felice, AVP of Government and Community Relations. Their chat ranged from trust as more than a marketing trend to employee engagement – here are three highlights from the talk below. You can catch the full episode here.

Strive for change, whether it’s massive or minor
Lisa loves that Teresa calls her team the “change-makers,” because they better the communities they work in. But more than that, while there are differences in impact, doing community work is always a net positive. Teresa says, “when you’re creating that good, it really is creating change, whether it be something small in terms of the excitement that you deliver to someone you’re working with, or big, when you’re creating legislation that impacts change.”

Help your employees live your message
“We don’t just talk about safety, we live and breathe it,” says Teresa of CAA’s chief goal. To make sure your company’s mission is lived by your employees, she notes that it’s important to make it understandable and to the point, and that you reinforce its message all of the time. When you have a strong, coherent mission, people are proud to contribute to it. Lisa adds that the pride you generate from team contributions helps carry the business through tough times, and turns your employees into aligned advocates for your company.

“Trust” may be trending, but it’s here to stay
While marketing buzzwords come and go, often the business principles that they invoke stick around. Teresa says of trust-building initiatives like corporate social responsibility that “you can’t be knee-deep, you have to be neck-deep,” meaning that you can’t stop them during a dry spell. Lisa adds that audiences notice when you’re attempting to “date” or “marry” them, but contribute none of the long-term relationship building in between those two stages. Cultivating those lasting relationships are essential, so keep generating the brand love that comes from trust-building.

Many thanks to Teresa for being the first guest on Transform to Thrive!


To catch the next episode, tune in to Lisa’s LinkedIn page on Wednesday, November 6 at 1:00 p.m. EST, to hear her discuss artificial intelligence and its impact on businesses like law firms with guest James Kosa, Partner, Technology and IP Group, WeirFoulds LLP.

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